Fee Refund Policy of KPS 

  1. Admission process fee and form fee will not be refundable.
  2. In case a student (New admission) withdraws admission or communicates his /her intention not to attend the school after the date of commencement of academic year, then the Rules of Fee Refund governing existing students become applicable.
  3. The school will require notice of 1 month (Existing student) before the start of the academic year and if in case the school is not informed 1 month before the start of the academic year – then 1 quarter fees must be paid to get the Leaving Certificate.
  4. In the middle of the academic year student who has paid the full year fees will be charged only up to the end of the quarter and the fees of the remaining quarters will be refunded.
  5. Student who has not paid the full year fees, needs to pay till the end of the last quarter that he/she has last attended the classes in.
  6. For admissions granted in the middle of the session parents are required to pay the tuition fees of the quarters from when the school is being attended
  7. All payments will be collected only by the accounts department. If parents fail to pay fees before the last date, a late fine of Rs.20/- each will be charged for everyday thereafter.
  8. Any fees paid for a student is not adjustable against other student.
  9. All unpaid fees must be paid before TC/ LC is issued to the student.